Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day 058 (27.02.10)

Dag otteoghalvtreds. And we'll begin with the thoroughly annoying news that the 'News' header on Brickspace has gone offline again. So the correct reply is, in the nicest possible way, SHIT. Luke has screwed something up again. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to clean up after him. More work for me, and at the worst possible time - I've got loads of homework I need to do tomorrow. Yeesh, this is going to be one looooonngg weekend.

What have I been up to today? Well, my drama group. The first one. The saturday one, not the one I went to yesterday. I went to that one yesterday, not today, dimwit. Then I uploaded this little Neo-Classic Space tablescrap to Flickr. It's just a couple of ground thingies, like a radar station, solar panels, a Classic Spaceman and a ikkle-likkle NCS robot (complete with essential minifig hook hand use). The spaceman was something I bought off BL ages ago (my 3rd order, I think). He's in pretty good condition, and I'm glad he was as he cost me £5. Speaking of BL, I've just made another order to some store in Cincinnati. They had lots of d.bley and l.bley slopes, so I grabbed the opportunity by the collar and bought a buttload of both. Now I can finally do the landscaping I so desperately need to practice. And then I can finish my JRC entries.

Paragraph 3. Oh paragraph 3, you evil creation. You exist for the sole purpose of catching me when all my inspiration and creativity has run out, and when the day's to-ing an fro-ing has left me dead on my feet. You taunt me with your minimum acceptable length of three lines. You tease me with the necessity of your existence. Well, hah, paragraph 3, for today I have won. I have blagged through you talking about how you tease me, and now you can tease me no more. Or, at least, not until tomorrow...


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