Friday, 26 February 2010

Day 057 (26.02.10)

Dag syveoghalvtreds, and I'm running exceptionally late for my 'when to blog' schedule. The thing is, I went to a new drama group today. That is, in addition to the one I go to on saturdays. I'm all drama'd up! So yeah, my friend invited me to it a few weeks ago and there were a couple of complicated thingymahoops which meant I couldn't do it until now. But I'm really glad I did. In some ways, it's better than my saturday morning thing. So that was good.

However that now means I'm very tired and so I'm kinda short of creative inspiration right now. Oh, I really like this diagram art by You, Me, The Royal We. So, which part did you read first? The Keyless Chuck and Chuck, of course. That's the genius of this diagram: because of the way the western world reads, we notice the top-left first and bottom-right last. That means you see Chuck and Keyless Chuck, which are the proper names for the parts of the drill, first. This is also due to the second graphic of a keyless chuck which stands out - the top left of the diagram is much more busy in terms of graphical lines and text than the bottom right. So then your eye is lead to the other, funny, labels - I next noticed Chris and Kumar, then Linda. So some very very clever stuff going on here.

OK, onto other topics. Hmm. What to say, what to say... hey, let's talk about the Golden Ratio. I have been reading about that recently (I'm sad enough to read Universal Principles of Product Design). Let's take the iPod. No, not the Touch, you silly moderners. The original classic. If you measured out the sides and simplified them you'd find they had a ratio of 0.618:1. This is called the Golden Ratio. It seems wherever it is used, it will look aesthetically pleasing. The common example is a spiral shell - the spiral is 0.618, the total shell 1. Then there's the human body, which contains many ratios like this. The arm has an upper arm:lower arm ratio of 0.618:1. Notre Dame's width as a ratio to its height is, funnily enough, 0.618:1. The Golden Ratio plus one is not just 1.618, though: the true value is an irrational number, like π or e. Mathematicians call it ϕ (phi). It goes on forever. And that's why perfection is impossible.

Thank you and good night.


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