Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day 056 (25.02.10)

Dag seksoghalvtreds. I've decided to now think about what I will post for my 365 throughout the day. Today wasn't very successful, so I'll probably end up picking up that religion thing again. I have had a few more [devastating] thoughts about it. Oh shi- ANR are playing Jedward's single. Bloody Danes. "Hi Denmark, we're Jedward!" Damn them. Poor ANR have no idea what they've got themselves into. Poor Vanilla Ice, too. He's had to sing his song with two ghastly British twats.

What have I been up to today? I figured I should tell you some of that. Well, now and then I've been working on a font, drawing it out on some lined paper. At school I sketched out the whole alphabet from scratch. Now I've redoing it but with some clearly defined rules: such as weight, angles of lines, and what the curves will look like. I'll probably do another developed version of the typeface once I've finished this one. Then, eventually, I'll draw it up in Fireworks (because I'm too lazy to use Illustrator), and I'll show it to you. It's got a thick left edge - so all the lines on the left of letters are about 5 times as thick as those on the right (which are just a normal pen line's width). It's like those old cinema fonts, but a bit less exaggerated and more elegant. Dum dum dummmm...

OK, onto religion. Again. People always argue against me when I say stuff like I did before because they're religious and I'm not. But how have we come to be religious in the first place? It's not our choice. Sure, I think that atheism is the truth, but I only think that because that's the way I've been brought up. It's the same with you, all of you. Everyone has to have an opinion on whether God exists or not. You may think you've made a decision based on what you think is true, and you think there is evidence, but it was never your choice. You can't bring up a child without influencing their religious views. Everyone asks the vital question "why are we here" at some point. You have to be there as a parent to answer it, and so they'll follow whatever you say (not that I'm a parent or anything).

Children are very susceptible to any influences. As you get older you learn to have your own opinion, but what you've learnt as a child cannot be unlearnt. You can't turn away from the way your parents brought you up - though an extreme traumatic or extreme emotional experience can change this. You hear of 'born again' Christians. These people have been through extreme circumstances which have shook up their mindset enough to get rid of the spiritual beliefs that they have been brought up with.

So, none of us have an original opinion. None. I think I know what I'm saying when I 'preach' atheism to others (not that I do it often, heh heh), but I never made any choice to be an atheist in the first place. Of course, the mind cannot fully accept this and so I do not feel devastated; and my beliefs are not altered. However, it is still scary to think of how little control you had over how your traits and personality is now. The first few years of your life are very important - how you are treated is how you will treat others in later life.

Trippy, eigh?


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