Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day 054 (23.02.10)

Dag fireoghalvtreds. Once again, a thoroughly average day, so it looks like I'll have to make it a bit more exciting. I've been tweeting, as usual; I set up my phone to tweet too, but since I type at about 2mph on my phone's silly numerical keypad, it looks like I won't be doing that in a hurry. I'm currently chatting to a friend on Facebook about teh interwbz, whilst browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica and avoiding the *ahem* questionable content, which is quite hard to do. Nonetheless, it's a funny website.

Now, in the interests of your non-boredom and to relieve myself of a bit of writer's block, I have found this webpage which lists 100 blog topics a blogger should write on. Well, I thought I might tackle a couple.

6. How Flickr did it right: notes, groups, and a pink secondary colour. That is all.

9. How I find blogging ideas: Uh... this site? Paradox much?

23. My mother is on Facebook: Actually, she isn't. Well, this is getting dull...

27. How women use social media: in exactly the same ways as men do. We're all equal, right? Bloody sexists.

36. How I use my website: Well, that's quite a complex question. This is a blog, so I blog. But why? Well, originally this 365 project was meant to help my writing skills and develop them, but it's turned now into a diary. A journal, rather, of my life and what I design and build and when I did that. It's also meant to entertain you readers and give you an insight into my life, so I'm not the anonymous Flickr user who builds lots of strange minifig furniture.

OK, that's enough for today. I may revisit that tomorrow. Until then, goodnight, good luck, and "that's how John 'C's it!" (feel free to puke at my silly Glee quote. I just love that show!)


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