Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 053 (22.02.10)

Dag treoghalvtreds, and it's back to school for me. The half term is over, the weekend doubly so. Or maybe 2/9s so. Darn maths. Well, as you all know, mondays are slow. Tedious, dull, tiring, utterly pointless and so cringe-worthily, awfully, distressingly slow. You may think it would be better if we had no monday, but them tuesday would become as awful as monday is now. Get rid of tuesday, and wednesday becomes the dreaded day, which it kinda is already. It's the 'hump day', neither here nor there. Damn you wednesday!

Luckily I didn't have much homework, so I just spent this evening Flickr-trawling, blogging on Brickspace, watching Vimeo stuff and adding Shadow Viking (Peter) as a friend on Facebook. So yay for that. It all started when SlyOwl added me as a friend, after a series of Flickrmails because I needed some advice on landscaping. That SlyOwl's a freakin' genius, and he was very helpful. So I suggest him when you need landscaping advice. Not that you can't immediately see his talents in such fields.

Aaaaand this is where my conversation gets a bit thin on the ground. I've been tweeting a lot more (boredom? Me trying to get to know Twitter better? A combination of both probably) recently. I've also signed up for the TheServed newsletter, so I get weekly updates from one of my favourite blogs, Typography Served. Not only has the legendary Simon C. Page been showcased there many a time, it also includes typography from all over the world - that reminds me, I saw a very interesting post about the neo-German gothic typefaces. I will now have to find that. It's an OCD thing. Query in mind - find - query suppressed. John happy.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of design, here's some fantastically wacky chair designs that were recently featured on Design Milk:


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