Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day 052 (21.02.10)

Dag tooghalvtreds. Yo, 52. That's a nice number. Technically, it's the same upside down as it is the same way up. No - uh, wait, scratch that. It's not. Upside down, in the way that I am trying to describe, it would be 25. The 2 is kinda symmetrical on a horizontal axis (if you think of it as a back-to-front S) and the 5 is like the 2, but mirrored on a vertical axis. So only the positions of the numbers would change. Uh, maybe I have that wrong again. Hey, it doesn't matter.

As promised, here is my Post-Apoc diorama, made for the Blood in the Snow contest on the Flickr Apocalego group. I'm quite proud of it, and of the little details, though I don't think the roof came out as expected. Maybe it's just the camera angle here, but it doesn't look very good. Nonetheless, it got a note from Nannan Zhang saying it was a 'good mess' - what I was aiming for - so it's not all bad. I tried to model this off a picture of a block of flats (80s style) I found on Flickr. On reflection, I see that the final design meant I didn't need so much of the tan bricks, so I could have gone with my original plans to use sand green or sand blue to make it look more worn and old.

This van is part of the diorama. I built this in about 7 hours straight  the day before I started work on the diorama itself. I wanted it to be very detailed, so when it was placed as part of a larger diorama, there would be a sense that a lot of work has gone into it. Put something detailed into a diorama of four times the size, and the diorama becomes four times as detailed. Or something like that. This van was based off a picture of a vintage Toyota van I downloaded from teh interwebz a couple of months ago. The picture showed the van with a brown stripe down the side, near the wheels, but I couldn't recreate the 'wood vinyl' effect with brown plates in the model, so it's now all black.

À bientôt!


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