Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day 051 (20.02.10)

Dag √©noghalvtreds. Und vilkommen aus the second 50 days in this project. I watched a German film a few days ago - well, just the start. There was a lady and man in a car, and he kept on screaming at her "zwei tausand euros! ZWEI TAUSAND EUROS!". The subtitles said something about his software business being revalued at €2,000 from €80,000 - so I guess that's why he was screaming. Then he grabbed the lady's head and started thrashing it around, and then he drove the car off a bridge and killed both of them. Boy, he was angry.

OK, here's some pictures that I've uploaded to Flickr today. The first is my Time Twisters entry, which takes a lot of explaining as it's quite a crazy concept. I was 'castlifying' this set, which includes a van, boat and diver with buoy. The van was easy; it became a cart. The boat became the brick-built boat you saw yesterday, which is quite bulky, as some people have said. I would have liked to use tiles on the hull to create a curve, but it was too small to do that. Or maybe I just don't know the right technique to do it right. So, what to do with the diver? Who did they put in water in the medieval times? Well, witches of course! They drowned witches, so the buoy has become a post with the witch (diver) hanging from a string, and the van driver has become a knight, laughing at the drowning witch. Yeah, it's quite a far-fetched idea.

Next up is a special sneak-preview of my Post-Apoc diorama. I photographed it this afternoon, but I think uploading one MOC to Flickr is enough for today. I want to space these MOCs out, the slow release. Otherwise the small ones, like the TTC entry, will just get ignored. OK, this motley crew of apocalyptic survivors includes my adorably oblivious sig-fig, on the left. I usually hate people including their sig-figs (and other people's) in their MOCs, but I couldn't resist. My sig fig is basically a smiley fleshie head, the Classic Space 30 years T-shirt, and brown Mutt hair (like everyone else's, I know, I know). So yah, this is just a preview. To whet your appetite. I like saying that. Whet. Whet whet. Whet whet whet. Hee hee, it sounds dirty.

ENOUGH LEGO! It's time for some personal stuff. Uh... I went to my drama group today. I think I've mentioned that before. I went. I met. I chatted. I acted. I left. I ate [lunch]. I talked. I talked some more. I left. I went home. OK, enough personal stuff for you? Jeez, next I'll be explaining to you how I brushed my teeth!

I put toothpaste on my toothbrush, I usually do that first I think. Then I put the toothbrush (and toothpaste of course) under the tap. For about 5 seconds, less maybe...


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