Friday, 19 February 2010

Day 050 (19.02.10)

Dag Halvtreds. And, lo and behold, I've made it to day 50! Hoorah! Technically, I shouldn't be celebrating day 50. I celebrate days 20, 40, etc - but not 50. But hey, 50 is half of 100, and 100 is an important number, so I guess it goes without saying that 50 is also important. It's half as important as 100. Yet two times as important as 25, which I didn't celebrate at all. OK, maybe I did, but it shouldn't be celebrated. Next thing you know, I'll be celebrating each time I'm on an even number! Hah!

I've been building. Still. I think I've finally finished my Blood in the Snow diorama. I'm really proud with how it came out, and I haven't had to cut any Lego elements (namely string) to achieve this. I had a a bit of a panic near the end, but I managed to find a way to keep my string intact. Let me describe the diorama for you, 'cause it will only be a few days before I post pictures (not yet taken) online. It's a scene of a travelling stranger in the post-apocalypse approaching a group of survivors living in a derelict, half-destroyed block of flats. The flats are heavily damaged, and missing the top few stories, and the damage was very hard to do in Lego, whilst keeping a relatively solid structure. It was looking alright until I put in lots of furniture, accessories, guns (BrickArms ones too) and the basic range of post-apoc bits 'n' bobs. Now it looks pretty awesome, with the accessories and kitted-up survivors as well. It also has telegraph poles, and chair design from the likes of Moko and yours truly.

Finally, here's a boat that is part of my Time Twisters entry. It's getting late, so I can't upload the pictures to Flickr, but here's a little preview of part of the set to whet your appetite. I'm quite proud of this boat - I could have just used the prefab one Lego make, but I didn't. Yay for originality. Just wait until tomorrow for it to be on Flickr, just a few hours...


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