Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 049 (18.02.10)

Dag niogfyrre. One more day then it's the 50-day anniversary! Well I'm happy about it. Screw you guys saying it's not time to celebrate yet. I'm celebrating, and you can just not go to the party. I'll mail you some Pringles, but just keep away from the party. Whaddya mean the Pringles won't survive being posted? I can't pay for big boxes to keep them in their usual shape! Letters need to be under a certain height, y'know. So I'll do what I do to all my letters and stamp on it. Screw your Pringles.

OK, a picture. This shows a couple of bits 'n' bobs from my recent building sessions. My room is an absolute mess; I've got to finish this Blood in the Snow entry by the end of the week - half term is prime-time building time, and I'm full of snowy post-apoc inspiration. I'm going for something I hoped to achieve as a group project many months ago - a post-apoc 1980s, or a sort of boxy, run-down look to post-apoc. I spent most of the day building a van that I based off a picture of an old Toyota van I found on teh interwebz. That's what the grey thing is, it's the 'first draft' of the canopy of the car. I decided to redo it in white (to match my source picture), but I kept the grey canopy for reference. The hay bale (yellow thing) and box o' veggies are from my Time Twisters entry (I still need to snap some pictures of that).

Hmm. I seem to strangely have nothing to talk about. I've covered my tough day's work building, and the Pringles thing... oh yeah, I did build a small baggage tractor (like the type you see in airports). It's odd, I know. I just get these urges to build... for example, I've been meaning to build a minifig-scale model (of course) of an old Volvo V60. Weird, huh? There's just something about the boxiness of it that appeals to me. I would also love to find some way to build a trabbie (Trabant) car from old East Germany. They're so cute! I have a very 5-wide oriented mind at the moment.


ps. More personal stuff tomorrow, honest!

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