Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 048 (17.02.10)

Dag otteogfyrre. Two more days and I've hit the landmark of 50 days! Then I've got to do it all over again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and then 15 more days. Then it'll all be over. And, considering how successful this project has been [so far], I'll probably do it again in 2011. But hey, who knows what sort of person I'll turn out to be by the end of 2010? For all I know, I may be a completely different person! Let's hope it's different, but in a good way.

Hey, guess what? I built. Yeah. And, believe it or not, I built Castle. Karrde's entries into the Classic-Castle Time Twisters contest inspired me to try something like it - a small Castle MOC, which I can really sink my teeth into without the need for bucketloads of light bley for castle walls. I had a great idea for a set to 'castlify' last night, and so this morning I set to work doing just that. I think it's come out quite well, actually - you'll have to judge that for yourself when I take pictures of it in a couple of days' time. It's quite a wacky idea - I hope everyone will 'get it'.

I've just been browsing Titolian's Flickr 'stream. He's a very good builder, very good. It's a shame he uses so much BrickArms and BrickForge... I'd prefer everything to be purist, though, so that's just my opinion. What I don't get is that he uploads images of Space Orcs, or random tablescrap minifigs, and they get more comments and faves than any of my pictures ever get! Not that I don't like the minifigs, I just find it a tad unfair. I guess it's because he uses BrickArms. Y'know what, I'll use BrickArms in my upcoming Blood in the Snow diorama. Then I can upload it to the BrickArms group, and we'll see what happens.


ps. Oooh, before I go, here's another Photoshopped picture from the backlog of phone pics. It's not as good as the other one, but I just can't seem to make this one look interesting.

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