Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Day 047 (16.02.10)

Dag syveogfyrre. We're back on track after a bit of an emotional wobble around Valentine's Day. So, onto interesting (kinda) topics. Last night I watched a really great film - Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Sure, it's really 80s - awful music jumps up at completely the wrong moments, and ruin the moments that you really need to pay attention to - but it's got great style in other places. And besides, who couldn't resist Bueller's hip-twisting music number on top of a parade float? Ha ha, great stuff. Very well directed, it's just those little touches (the audio track continues at the end of this sequence, and also the titles that pop up when Bueller talks are a good idea too) that make it for me. So go put that on your list of films to watch, folks.

Well hey, what's this mess of lines and circles? It's a MousePath. MousePath is a free Java-scripted app (download here) that will track your mouse's movements over your screen. Just start it up, minimise it and check back in a couple of hours' time on how it's come out. This one (above) was 4 hours' worth of mouse movements. The dots are when the mouse is still - the larger the dot, the longer the mouse was there for. The biggest dots are, obviously, when I left the computer to do something else (you can pause MousePath so it doesn't record this). You can see that I move to the top-left a lot... I think that's where my browser's 'back' button is. I also take a couple of trips to the top-right. I've set up my Mac to turn on Exposé (see all windows) when I move to the top-right of the screen. It seems there isn't much activity around my Dock at the bottom of the screen... strange.

Next up, a camera. Well, I guess I'll speak about it since I just mentioned it. Remember when I blagged on about the cameras I had? Well, after some tough searching for a battery to fit in my Canon A-1, I found one in J*ssops. Finally, I can get to work snapping away in film. I bought some colour film, too - figured I'd need it if I was going to take pictures (facepalm). So yah, expect some pictures from that camera in about a month's time (I need to get through the whole roll, then get it developed). Also, I have a new Twitter account. It's nothing too interesting, but I got confused with my last one and now I think I'm on top of the situation. I can handle three Twitter accounts. So, forget the old account and concentrate on this new one (Johnallong) and, of course, Brickspace. Fangue and good night.



Anonymous said...

"You're still here?.. It's over; go home!" Man I love the eighties.

John said...

Ha ha - I still love when Ferris' sister has dialled 911 and says "I'm very cute, I'm very alone and I'm very protective of my body!" XD