Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 046 (15.02.10)

Dag seksogfyrre. Aaaand welcome to the Valentine's Day fallout. It seems that Zack had a good time - and if I suspect right, his Facebook profile picture reflects that. But hey, here I am. On the 15th February. Feeling slightly less miserable as I did yesterday. Once again, my wimpiness (wait wait, let's just say shyness) has prevailed and... OK, OK enough! Shut up John! No one wants to hear you moan, you stupid ass! Talking about asses, get off yours and do something, instead of sitting here moaning!

Well, in other, less depressing news, my BrickLink order arrived! Here it is, in all its plastic bag-y goodness! Thassright, there's a load of dark turquoise in there. Though it may not stand up to Maersk Blue, or even my favourite colour, Sand Green, it's still a pretty awesome colour. I'm just stocking up in it, really... I now have several wheels, lots of grilles and a couple of wings. If that's not screaming "DARK TURQUOISE SPACESHIP!" then I don't know what is. Also in my order was: several nets, both white and black; some retro doors; a collection of palm tree parts that, before hand, I had none of; and the real purpose of my order: windscreen hinges. As I've mentioned before, they're perfect for minifig-scale cars, especially 5-wides. I may even rebuild my Volvo Amazon with windows on all sides.

Well, I hope you guys are happy. I don't usually talk so much about my personal life, as I have done with all this Valentine's Day lark, so you've had a valuable insight into my thoughts. I feel like I should do that more, but it's quite awkward and I have to be sure to not name any people or places, else they might find this blog, and work out it's me - and considering what I've written these past two days, that's not really desirable. I prefer it when people I don't directly know read my blog. But hey, Zack once said it was interesting having an insight into my life/brain, so I think I may just write more of that. Trust me; we won't have any more "my eBay bid is ending in 5 days... 4 days... 3 days...". Welcome to the new JOHNSPACE.



Anonymous said...

mmmmmm teal, those round black railings look nice too, I only have those in green.

Zack said...

Where'd did you manage to find all of those palm tree parts. I'm envious of those.