Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day 044 (13.02.10)

Dag fireoffyrre. And hey, it's Saturday. The weekend has arrived, and with it my half-term. So what's new? Did I do anything vaguely interesting? Well, not really. I went out, like I do every Saturday (I'm not sure if I've explained why... I'll check that before I tell you), and became very tired very quickly. I don't think being woken up at 9:00 by my neighbours drilling helped my catching up of sleep very much. So now I'm dead on my feet. Don't worry; the night is near. Just a few more hours...

OK, now Zack commented on one of my posts saying he wishes I blogged pictures more. And so, here we are. Though I don't make / take pictures every day, when I do I'll be sure to show them off here. First up is a series of graphic design thingymabobbidihoops. I'm reading a book about product design, and it mentioned lots of stuff about giving warnings before you do stuff ("Are you sure you want to delete this file?" Y/N, safety catches, opening perspex lids on buttons before pressing them), and that made me think about Sunshine, with its NASA-not-Star Wars concept of a space station. There were lots of warnings and signs on the Icarus II, so I thought I might try my hand at some futuristic warning signs.

So, at the top we have a Core Deactivation Switch sign. Note the exclamation mark and warning stripes, in case the user can't read. Then we have a pressurised window warning, 'cause on a space station you don't really want to be opening a window, do you? Let me just say you won't be getting that light breeze you were hoping for. The third sign is for the door of the Central Core - where the space station's computer brain is located. Because, we wouldn't want Jenkins the space station's intern stumbling upon the control system for the whole station, now, would we? So, meh. These need a lot of work. I need to check up on a Google image search to see how real warning signs are typeset and in what colours, too. I may make more of these later...


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