Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 043 (12.02.10)

Dag treogfyrre. And it's Friday! At last! It sure took its time to come around, didn't it? And, luckily, this Friday brings not just the joy of it being a Friday, but also the joy of having a whole week off school next week - half term! If all goes to plan, I should get some much-needed building into next week. I'll be building an entry for the Winter Post-Apoc challenge and I may even consider finishing my JRC project. I may.

OK, onto other topics. Uh... oh, I'm studying a film in my English class. It's called Somer's Town, it's a Shane Meadows film about a Polish boy in London. Sounds boring - but it was funded by Eurostar, and so includes annoyingly obvious references to Eurostar... "hey, what did you do today?" "took the Eurostar to Paris in UNDER TWO HOURS. The seats were VERY COMFORTABLE". OK, so it sounds more boring. Add into the equation some bad acting, a very badly written script and the fact that most of the film is shot in B&W and you don't have a very good film.

However, there are some good elements to the film. Some shots are well composed, some acting is of decent quality and some sequences just work. So, would I recommend the film to you? No, not particularly. It's nothing special, but at the same time it's not the worst film ever made, either. It's one of those numerous indie films about the rough 'n' tough societies in Britain, and one of many of such films to come from Shane Meadows. If you want my advice, watch Once Upon A Time In the Midlands instead.


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