Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day 042 (11.02.10)

Dag toogfyrre. And it's the eleventh. That's right; now the days are going in a logical order. I've got a bit mixed up in the past, but now I'm going straight. Oh, and to make up for all the links to this blog Zack's been putting in his: link link LINK LLIINNKK!

Dang, that was a short paragraph. Then again, with all this coursework to do, I have to cut corners somewhere. This is that somewhere, for now anyway. And to think I was going to post on Brickspace today... ah well. Now, if you read this blog attentively, then you'll notice that I said my coursework was in for Thursday; today. And it was. Or rather, my IT Coursework was. Now I have DT (Design & Technology) coursework in for tomorrow. Hooray. And, by a complete coincidence, my memory stick decided to go missing on Tuesday! Oh sweet joy! The last I heard of it, some students had found it and were 'planning to put gay porn on it'. So I guess I won't be getting my coursework files back anytime soon.

I've had an idea. I mind-blowing idea. It could work. It could be a complete failure. Well, for a while now I've wanted to sink my film-directing teeth into some proper filmmaking. If you don't already know, I started off in Brickfilming: that's what led me to Brickshelf, MOCpages, Flickr and thus sparked Brickspace and this blog. It was the start of it all. And so I made some films: with my sisters, with my friend Luke. Then I went into a creative slump; screenwriter's block if you will. All I could think of was big-budget movies: sci-fis, post-apocalyptic stories. And now, I set my dreams of a collaborate filmmaking effort with my friends into motion. I suggested the idea to my filmmaking friend Luke, and some people we were doing PE with said they'd help, and one of them was an aspiring scriptwriter... so it all sort of flowed from there. It'll be a while before we've got the plot sorted out, let alone the script, but I really think I could pull this off. It'll be much bigger than what I've done before: probably 20-30 people overall working on it, most as actors. I can get some people from the drama group I attend to join... and the older members of my Film Club, too! Let's hope it doesn't slip into Development Hell...


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Zack said...

Thanks for the links John. It would be great if you shared more images like you originally did when you blog though.

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