Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 041 (10.02.10)

Dag énogfyrre, and we're currently on the tenth of Feburary. I seem to have done two posts on the sixth, meaning all the posts between then and now need to be renamed. Ah well. I kinda thought there was something wrong about my dates, so damn me for not acting on my impulses. I should do that more. I always seem to have impulses, you know - thoughts on the spur of the moment - that turn out to be right. It's my subconscious speaking to me; I just can't grasp the thought for long enough to act on it. It's not a front-of-mind thought, it's like a niggling feeling in the very depths of my brain.

So, let's move off this topic. Interesting content, remember? I've started to use Google Buzz now. Just, gradually, posting on it every now and then, seeing how it works, testing it. My favourite feature has to be the picture viewing: it even said in the Buzz promo video that the pictures are 'exactly how you like them: big and fast'. Pictures come up full-window, with a dimmed background. it's great for viewing pictures from Flickr, like Simon C. Page's stuff. Unfortunately it seems like it's only me and Simon who use Buzz, from my contacts. Shame, really. No one else seems to notice just how good an idea Buzz is.

My eBay order came! One £3 Celestial Sled / Ice Planet 2002 set, very good condition, plus instructions. Sure, it didn't come packed very well (in thin papery plastic bags), but it seemed to have got the pieces to me safely, so that's all that matters. Unfortunately I've only now realised that the set does not include any windscreens, so making an Ice Planet MOC will be considerably harder now...


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