Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day 040 (08.02.10)

Dag fyrre. Forty, people. We're now on day 40. Now, last time I set myself a challenge to use more italics. And, believe it or not, I have. Ha ha. So now onto my second-20 challenge. And here it is; it's a big one. My new challenge is to be more interesting. Oh, and continue with the italics of course. Because, if people are going to read this blog, which I hope they will, I certainly don't want to think it's dull. Guys, we need new, interesting content. Gone are the days of a whole week's worth of blogging about snow! We're moving onto topical topics (heh).

Hey, my cat's sleeping on my USB cables. Again. No, dammit! Interesting content! Sure, some stuff about my life, but I need to vary a bit. Well, the big (ish) news today (just now) is the new Google Buzz. Apparently it's Google's attempt at social networking, but so far it only seems like a GMail plug-in. Maybe I'm not using the full app. Ah well. It seems remarkably similar to Facebook (damn why do I keep mentioning Facebook?). You can 'post' stuff. People can 'like' it. Or comment on it. You can also link your posts to be automatically produced by your blogs and your GChat status messages. It's a shame I don't use GChat any more. Besides, this Buzz thing seems good enough. Let's hope it has some unique features.

Alas, I am trapped under a pile of coursework. I can't get out until thursday. My final submission date. And I need to use every single second of free time I have until then to get everything done. Honestly, it is taking ages. But enough about that. Hey, I've just realised why I don't know whether Buzz is good or not: I've never seen anyone else use it! I think it's now time to watch Google's promo video. Maybe then I will see what I'm missing out on (because no-one else I know has Buzz enabled). Dang, I wish more people would chat to be on GChat now.


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