Monday, 8 February 2010

Day 039 (07.02.10)

Guess what? I nearly forgot. I can't believe I nearly forgot dag niogtredive (ha ha, I'm still keeping with the Danish numbering!). So yah, what's new i dag? Well, I'll talk for a bit about eBay. "What's this?" I hear you cry, "I thought John had given up on eBay!". But I haven't. Well, I had, until 4:45 today. After I got beaten on that Ice Planet set in the last second, I got a bit angry and bid on loads of other lots (my fallout). Little did I know that one of those lots ended today, and I got home from school to an email saying that I had won it - some Ice Planet set called 'Celestial Sled'. And for £3, too! Including P&P! So it looks like eBay wasn't that bad after all. Then again, it hasn't arrived yet, so I have no idea what condition it will be in.

So now I'm waiting for three parcels: that eBay order, a previous Buy It Now! eBay order (much better than bidding) of trans-yellow windscreens and that £20 BL order. It's just like Christmas again, when I was arriving Lego S@H and BL orders day after day. Unfortunately this influx of buying probably means that I'll run out of my Christmas money pretty soon. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Let me tell you something. IT GSCE is hard word. Not just on me, but on my printer. Today I started the tough process of printing out my 55 pages of full-colour coursework. So I can now wave goodbye to the ink cartridges; they'll be gone before I know it. Though I really should blame myself - I just can't help but design a layout with a header that varies in chroma from page to page. It begins as light blue, in section 1, then through sections 2 to 13, it becomes darker and darker and eventually becomes dark navy. Just for that awesome feeling when you flick through all the pages and see the colour gradually get darker. And my IT teacher will never know. /sobs


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