Thursday, 4 February 2010

Day 035 (04.02.10)

Dag femogtredive. I've found out today that 'tredive' should be pronounced 'tralve', so the whole number should be pronounced something like 'fem-o-tralve', which the usual Danish short-of-breath lilt. Yeah; in Danish you have stop yourself 'completing' a word. So instead of finishing it with your breath, you say the word and kinda hold your breath. It's very hard to do. That and the stød - the glottal stop that will pop up in Danish words almost anywhere. And there's no rule to it, either. You could say 'jeg hedder Jørgen' (I'm called Jørgen), or you may say 'jeg hed[glottal stop]der Jørgen'. There's no rules for that. It's really annoying.

OK, OK, enough Dansk. I've decided, after a very helpful comment from Zack, that I will carry on with my JRC contest entries. Who cares about the actual competition - I've bought the pieces so I might as well do something with them. I've also drawn up a list of MOCs I want to make. Now, this probably isn't the bast idea - constraining my creativity - but I'll try it anyway and if I'm in the mood for one of the ideas on the list, then I'll try it. Hopefully I'll get through them all at some point. Oh, and in case you cared, there's only 1 day left on my two eBay lots and I'm still the highest bidder on both! Hurrah!

Aha - I've just had an idea. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't - but it's an idea for the JOHN Collection 3. As much as I'd like to take a break from the JOHN Collection, these ideas just keep on coming to me and I can't just ignore them. This idea is based off something I saw in an Ikea store a few months ago. It will be hard to photograph, but it will change my designing process to become more like an Ikea designer's. Instead of creating whatever I like, I need a challenge - and a design brief - so I can compare my designs against a goal I am trying to achieve. Anyway, more on that as it develops. I'll leave it all mysterious so I can surprise you...


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