Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 033 (02.02.10)

OK, screw that insanity in the last post. It was fun and all, but I need to restrict myself. I've been going a bit mad today. That is, more mad than usual. Maybe it's natural. Maybe it's because a guy in my art class brought in his Letraset markers. No, I didn't sniff them! Jeez! I just drew stuff with them. I got a headache. Damn those fumes. Oh, and I started talking to myself really quickly for about 10 minutes. Dude, were those trippy or what?

Let's move on. My eBay items are still in my reaches... 3 days left and I'll get those two old Lego sets for £0.99 each! Ahahahahahahahaha! I am very happy. Hopefully I won't get ousted with three days to go. People are quite nasty on eBay, though... wish me luck, guys. That reminds me, I'm still in a bit lost with my whole JRC situation. Should I build my entries anyway, and just not enter them? I've lost all my 'oomph'. There's no need to do it. But I know I should. Ach, choices, choices...

I seem to be overloaded with homework at the moment. I just can't seem to dig myself out. Chemistry test one day, physics day the other. Then it's the 'Maths Challenge' - Oh no oh no. I've failed at it for 3 years in a row now. My best is bronze. That was two years ago. The other years I got what those folks at OMGPOP would call 'DNFWTF' - I got less-than-bronze. That means I get a little certificate saying 'thanks for turning up'. I'm good at maths, just not the really annoying type of questions in the Maths Challenge. So that's Thursday - [insert sarcastic comment here]

ps. =[-]\[-]=-['p-]\['p\]-'\]=-[']\]\=]=]]]] Don't worry, I'm just cleaning my keyboard. It's disgusting.


Zack said...

John I say build all entries you had planned. We'll start a group for those "rejects" (i.e. Me and You who didn't read the rules for 16 years of age and started entries anyway). I've got one entry on Flickr already and have three sitting on my desk.

P.S. I think I read/comment on your blog too much you just talk about what needs to be said. Well done.

John said...

Thanks for your advice, Zack. I really appreciate your help. I'll carry on with my JRC entries, then!

And thanks for reading this blog as well. It's nice to know I'm not just writing it for myself :)

Anonymous said...

A lot can happen in three days, and there are always people waiting to outbid at the last moment - in fact, I did that on someone for the green creator dragon. £1.04! And the postage was only a quid fifty.

Looking forward to those entries! ;-)