Monday, 1 February 2010

Day 032 (01.02.10)

Right, here we are. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, we have now arrived at day 32. Otherwise known as month two. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with JOHNSPACE airlines. Please come back soon. Tak, vi er på dag toogtredive. Merci, il est jour trente-deux. Dankeschön, yada yada yada. German always confuses me. Too close to Danish for my liking. Bloody Swedes.

OK, enough about swedes. Let's get onto this momentous occasion ( I feel like I haven't said that for a while... probably not since day 20). ONE WHOLE MONTH! I've been sitting here, at 8:30 PM GMT, every day for a whole month. And I haven't had to use a 'get-out' once! I orignally said I would use 5! Ha ha - I laugh at myself! My self in the past! Ah, speaking of thinking about myself in different times, since it is the start of a whole new month, I have decided to write a letter. To myself. In one month's time. It should be quite interesting...

Dear me,
Well, hi. I hope things are going well. If they're not, then hah. Things seem to be going fine at the moment. What's new? Have you still kept up with this blog? Probably not. Knowing you, you've probably given up.  You bloody Swede. That's right, I called you a Swede. I hope you're happy. Go run back to Ikea and eat some meatballs, you loser. This blog is meant to last the whole year, not just January. It's been tough enough already, who knows how much longer I can continue doing these things?
Well, I hope you won those eBay things. Y'know, the Ice Planet set and the Pirates set? The auctions will be over by then, so let me know, yeah? Also, I hope you've built something Pirate. We didn't waste all that money on a BL order for nothing, you know. Just 'cause we can't enter the JRC doesn't mean you should give up! Fool! If you have given up, then I hereby give you an imaginary time-travelling slap.
Has the world ended? Has global warming caught up with us eventually? Has Barack Obama been kidnapped? Have we found Bin Laden? Has the Iraq Inquiry actually achieved anything? Is the iPad out? Do I care? Have you wasted all your money? Has our house burnt down? Where's my keys? Do you have them? More importantly, are you writing your response at an equally late hour? Should I stop with the questions? No?
OK, yes. Anyway, I hope you're well (if you've carelessly lost my limbs, then expect some punches and abuse from me, asshole). Until then, Adios!


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