Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day 031 (31.01.10)

Dag énogtredive. Yes, 31. I love that, as well as the classic Scandinavian Æ, Å and Ø, Danish has É. It's almost as it it was an afterthought; something they threw in just for the word 'én'. So, onto today. What has happened today? It was sunday. That's right. Sunday. Sun. Day. Day of sun. Son? "What?" It's your day. "Thanks dad." No problem.

OK, enough craziness! You may remember that yesterday I uploaded my semi-meh Vic Viper onto Flickr, and it's got an amazing total of 3 comments [sarcasm]! But luckily I'm not in such a bad mood because I also upload the second JOHN Collection to MOCpages, and that gave me 14 emails full of comments, ratings and Favourite Builder stuff. So, naturally, I'm quite happy with that. It's got 7 smiley face things on MOCpages, which means it annoyingly isn't one of my top three that show up on the sidebar of my MOCpages homepage. For some reason my first ever proper MOC, the Baumrunner, is at #3. I hate that it is - I really hate that MOC. Why should the Volvo Amazon not be there? Or any of the JOHN Collection installments? Damn MOCpages. People are so screwed up there. How has some Clone Wars shit got 35 smilies, whilst the JOHN Collection has got 7? Stupid clonetards.

Now, I'll leave you on a lighter note. A funnier note. A funnier video. A funny video. And here it is: the whole of James Cameron's Avatar in 60 fun-packed 3D seconds. I had no idea you could watch 3D on YouTube - I have 3D glasses but they don't seem to work, and if you don't then just click 'Left Image' or 'Right Image' for a plain video. If you do have 3D glasses, then watch it in 3D! I'm sure it's worth it!


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