Friday, 29 January 2010

Day 029 (29.01.10)

Dag ni-og-tyve. Nine and twenty, guys. Hmmm... it seems the domain is free. Maybe I should buy it... at £19 for two years, It's a good deal. But is my dream of the mythical 'Æ Network' - a blog network of 8 blogs - just too complicated to carry out? Probably. Maybe I'll try once I've got a better grip of HTML (CSS is no problem), and I find some people to actually blog the stuff I've designed the blogs for. Maybe I should design the new blog, then find a similar blog and 'buy them out'. That is, I suggest that my well-designed blog is better and that all their staff and posts migrate there.

Anyway, enough Æ Network daydreaming. I've been developing Brickspace more this evening - just a little bit of this, little bit of that... and a complete design overhaul. "Why so?" you ask. Well, a few weeks ago, after Brickspace's banners went offline for the second time (Grrr), Luke - my 'second-in-command' - basically said that he was out of Brickspace. He'd gone into that "Lego is just a toy, why are you still playing with it John?" phase. OK, I guess I could cope with that.

Sure, it would be good to always have a second person to double-check any decisions I make, but I guess I can now go on without another admin. And so, in spite of Luke's exit, I have decided to do the one thing he never wanted me to do when he was an acting admin: redesign the site. Sure, not massively: it's not a total graphic identity upheaval, just a little change of pace. My main problem was that the snowflake background is still up from Christmas, but it needs to come down on the 1st Feb at the latest. So I needed a new background - because of our new yellow footer, we can't still have a blank background. And that's when I started researching ornate vectors. Then when I came up with the design for the top of the footer (see any Brickspace page), and it began from there. Of course, there's still a lot more work to do: I'm certainly not happy with the background. If you can spare some time, valued JOHNSPACE readers, please see Brickspace Beta - a 'test Brickspace' - for the current background and inter-post graphics. All advice, even if it's criticism, is very much needed. Thanks!



Zack said...

But John isn't BrickSpace essentially hosted by Luke's father? Or is it you father? I was never really sure. Ah well they always come back.

Good luck with BrickSpace and multiple blog thingy. Which topics had you planned on blogging about with your site?

John said...

Yeah Zack, Luke's dad does pay for our web hosting, but doesn't seem too bothered about paying it if Luke isn't helping with Brickspace any more, so I guess it's OK.

The blog network I had the idea for had a sort of 'LOLcats + FailBlog' site, so all internet memes like that; a satire blog; and various other things. Maybe, if I do make it eventually, Brickspace should be in it.