Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 028 (28.01.10)

Dag otte-og-tyve. Yep, 28. It's nearing the end of the month. And you know what that means? Albums will be released. No, not photo albums - music albums. Yes, I admit, I listen to music like normal people do. My taste in music is pretty much all over the place, so I can't pin it down by saying 'pop' or 'rock' or 'R&B'. I've recently discovered [through ANR] a Danish singer called Nabiha. Though she may sing in African, English, and Spanish, she is from Copenhagen in good ol' Danmark.

Anyway, here is the [very] odd video for her first song, Deep Sleep. Just ignore the strange zooms etc. Maybe switch tabs and do something else instead whilst listening to the song. Then there's her other great song, The Enemy, which is part of her album which will be released tomorrow! So now you're thinking "OK John, you'll be wasting another £6.99 on iTunes", but I won't. Why not? Because the album is ONLY AVAILABLE IN DENMARK. I am very angry. I may just throttle someone. Not even the Deep Sleep single is on UK iTunes. It's a good song, why not here? And apparently Nabiha's agent is based in London, too. So yah, I'm annoyed. Luckily I 'legally' downloaded Deep Sleep so I have it on my purple iPod Nano (yeah I'm showing off what iPod I've got. Luckily I'm not such a n00b as to know what generation it is).

Anyway, onto non-Danish things. Oh, one more: Nabiha is touring the Danish radio stations. I don't know when she'll get to ANR, or if she already has. But hey, enough of that. It looks like my week is improving... no homework to do this evening, so I got down to some Brickspace work, namely updating the post banners which Luke screwed up. All of them went offline for the second time a few weeks ago, and so now I have the fun job of updating the banners on every one of Brickspace's 600 posts. Yippee.


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