Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 027 (27.01.10)

Dag Syv-og-tyve. Yeah, I'm starting my posts in Dansk now. It should give me at least some practice with numbers. And you just wait 'till I get to all that halfjerds and half-fems stuff. Then I'll get confused. Luckily today was a better day than monday and tuesday, so I'm in a better mood. Not so much homework today either, which is always a good thing.

Guess what? "What?" The 'iSlate' is here! Ha ha, it's not the 'iSlate' any more. This, my friends, is the iPad. Newly released from Apple just today (I have been waiting for this news all day), the iPad has been called [by Steve Jobs] 'a whole new device'. It's like a notebook laptop, but not a laptop. And not an iPhone either! It's the in-between of the Macbook and the iPhone, the cross between the iPhone OS and Mac OS. And it's freakin' awesome. Only $400, too. Unfortunately it's not available to buy at the moment because of some strange regulations mistake Apple made. But hey, at least we can see it!

OK, on to my quest to find typographical posters. Luckily, none other than SIMON C. PAGE emailed me about his posters because he found my blog (or some other coincidence) about possible posters he was going to make available to purchase online. At an expected $17, I most certainly did not turn down his suggestion! Hopefully he'll get those available sometime soon. I'm still faltering over buying the slotted pencil (see previous post), though...


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