Monday, 25 January 2010

Day 025 (25.01.10)

Day twenny-five. Like, one after 24 and one before 26. Or somewhere around that area. OK, time for some photography stuff. Just recently, as I'm sure I have mentioned, my dad got a new digital camera and so I 'inherited' his old Canon 20D - hoorah. It's quite a lot different to use from my old (dare I say 'not as professional') Canon Powershot G9 - I hate that you have to balance out aperture and shutter speed (is it that? Ach, it gets confusing), or else your picture will come out dark. It's very annoying, but I have to tell myself that it means I have a lot more control over how the image comes out.

At the moment I'm still not sure about what each f/stop does, and whether a wider aperture means a larger DOF, or yada yada yada... it is really confusing. And don't even get me started on ISO - it stands for 'International Standards Organisation', I think. How the heck does that help me remember what it does? And, even worse, on an old film camera my dad has [and that I am also hoping to use], it's called ASA instead! The film camera also has another dial for shutter speed - Tv. So there's the ASA dial for 'pushing the film', so if your film is 400 (whatever that means), you could 'push it' to 800 and that will do something special. Apparently.

So yeah, that's three cameras I have access to. But wait, there's more: there's a fourth camera that my dad (yes he does have a lot of cameras. Thanks for working that out) has had for ages. It's probably my favourite of the bunch just because it's so classically old and I can't wait to use it and see what sort of pictures it takes. It's an old box-camera, a Lomography camera. Some Russian make. It has a pop-up box thing on the top and you need to look down into it. It has two lenses: one for the viewpiece and one for teh film. Oh yeah, it takes 60mm square film, too. Apparently now it's called '120 film', for some reason. Luckily it's still available on the internet, on Amazon as well! So it looks like I will be buying a lot of that... my only problem is where to get it developed. That's a problem for another day.


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