Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day 023 (23.01.10)

Aw shite. I nearly forgot this. For the first time so far in this project, I actually forgot this and have been out today and that's the reason why. For that reason, I think this post deserves a swear word. I usually wouldn't swear (or use smilies - luckily I haven't done that yet), but this is a 'momentous' occasion and it merits swearing.

So where've I been? Meh. Here and there. I go to a drama group thingy then I go hang out with my friends afterwards. This was the one thing I knew would mess this 365 project up, and I guess it did. Not that I don't like having a life (heh heh), but it really messes up my day, and my usual timetable of posting at about 8:30. I just don't notice 8:30 going by. I think it should be later. It isn't.

Anyway, let's put that to one side. I've put something else on my Flickr (woah). It's my long-awaited Townhouse MOC. It's been sitting on my shelf for months and months and it finally made it here. The big problem was that it took so long to find time to photograph it: it's much bigger than my usual stuff, so I had to amend my background setup to fit it in. This had to go through some tough 'shopping, but it's come out really nicely. I always find MOCs looker nicer when they're 'shopped onto a white background. Yay.


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