Friday, 22 January 2010

Day 022 (22.01.10)

Well well well, day 22. A friday. Finally, my long and strenuous week has ended. No more coursework! Well, actually, that was a lie. I have loads more - the need to do it is just not as urgent as before. Some parts were handed in today, but more still remain to be done. Damn this education system. At least it's getting me good qualifications. If it weren't for that, the whole 'learning new stuff' thing, and that other kind of important 'meeting other people' thingy. So yeah, I guess the qualifications are the least of my worries.

Eh, wossat? New stuff on Flickr? Well, one new picture, yes. These are the rejects from the second JOHN Collection catalogue. The top is a tablescrap table (heh) that I just threw together in 2 minutes ages ago. I've kept it since because, to me, it looks quite artistic. Something modern. That is, modern art, not modern design. Modern art takes a bit more open-mindedness. The red chair is, as I said, a chair. Not a toilet. It just ended up looking like that. Oh, and bottom right is my homage to Karf Oolhu, master of froggies. It's a frog-scaled chair. Tee hee.

I've just started watching Danny Boyle's Sunshine. There's been a Danny Boyle season on Film4, a British film  TV channel. I saw Slumdog Millionaire - very good, if a bit graphic - and I also saw Boyle's first big film, Millions. I'm not really very sure about it - it was very surreal, and yet it tried to tell a serious story about greed and money and being a saint. How can it keep a serious moral when it's set in such outrageously fictitious backgrounds? The point is, the film never realised that it was being surreal. Rather, it presented it all as if we should think seeing dead saints, or TV campaigns about changing over to the Euro, is completely normal. So that wasn't a very good film. Luckily Sunshine is looking to be better (not only because it is sci-fi), but that part when the flashlights cross the frame and people's faces flash up freaking the sh*t out of me. Luckily IMDB explained why it was there. Thank goodness for that.


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Anonymous said...

Sunshine is one of my favourite films. It's a pretty amazing movie.