Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day 021 (21.01.10)

Damn all this coursework. Day in, day out, I'm doing it. Damn it doubly. Triply, even. It deserves that. I've just got a bit of time now to write this, but for the past few nights it's been pretty much non-stop coursework. Mainly IT. Luckily I'm finishing my GCSE in the summer, so there's not much left really. Still - I'm doing it now, so I'm annoyed now. You can't blame me.

Right, a new stage in this 365. First 20 over; second 20 here I come. I'm going to stop being so sentimental: I realise I went a bit OTT so now I'm going to calm down. Not too far down, mind: only enough to stop myself mentioning that damn animation. Anyway, in other topics: I really like this blog. No, not its content - I'm still working on improving that - but its design. Sure, the banner was something I botched together in 5 minutes, but the background took longer. See that smooth line where the banner matches up to the background? That took a couple of hours. "How come?" you ask... well, you'd think that I could just make the dark teal sections the same height. It would match up, right? "Right!". Well, no. "Uh..." For some reason, they wouldn't match up, so I had to change the document, upload it to Flickr, put it in the template, see what it looked like, and start all over again. Painstaking work. For that at least I'm thankful that I've got Flickr Pro.

So, teal is the way to go. You may be thinking "teal? Teal!? That's just a silly name for turquoise!". Well, uh, no. Teal is paler and darker than turquoise. After I designed this blog with the teal, I found out that it was named 'colour of the year 2009' by Pantone (the company that make those markers). Aside from the whole "WTF colour of the year" thing, I'm quite proud I'm using teal. Just please know that I chose teal before I knew about Pantone. So there.


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