Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 020 (20.01.10)

Hey, I posted on Brickspace. Wow, that must have taken some effort, John. Why yes, it did, and even though I had (have) loads of coursework to do, I managed anyway. I couldn't resist it when I saw some pictures of the new MUJI+Lego sets. They look so awesome. It's a shame they'll probably never come to the UK. The US, maybe - Design Milk mentioned something about that - but never the UK. It's annoying because I want the hole punch, which punches Lego stud-sized holes. Who wouldn't?

Anyway, onto different things. I thought I might keep away from Newgrounds today as I'd probably just watch that Tongue-tied animation another five times. It's just so sweet, I can't help myself. Anyway, enough sentimentality. We're at Day 20, captain. Report, officer. There's been a few close calls but nothing too big, captain. Good work, officer. No problem, captain, it was all John's doing really. And it was my doing (yes, we're out of that strange conversation now). I've only told two or three people about this project, and none of them have enquired about it after I started. So the motivation to do this has been all from me.

Yay, the warm feeling's back. And not just because I am watching that animation again (DAMMIT), but because I'm proud of myself. I'll pat myself on the back in a minute. No, scratch that, that's too much. It's only twenty days. You'll need another 16 days before you're even a tenth of the way through this damn project. Oh, let's have a resolution for the next 20 days: use more italics and bold. Add more character into these posts. Anyway, here's to another 20 days! *wine glass chink*


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