Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day 019 (19.01.10)

Enough of this! I've got a 365 post to write. Once again, I was engrossed in a Newgrounds animation and completely forgot about writing this. Again. Yes, I know, this is always my excuse, but it's true? I have short term memory loss! I have short term memory loss! Whaddya mean I already wrote that? Oh... er... yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Shut up - I haven't written 'yeah' yet. /checks back. Dammit!

OK, enough stupid memory loss jokes. What was a I watching on Newgrounds? Well, there's a great short series called Cyanide and Happiness. It's animated really well, and there are also some good sound effects which always adds to the effect. For example, this is one episode called Waiting for the Bus. Then there's their latest one, called Beer Run. Luckily it's at the longer and of what they usually do, and they usually make quite short animations so that's a good thing. Unfortunately their shorts always end in violence - which, after the story in Beer Run, is the expected ending, so that's OK. But in Waiting for teh Bus? Maybe I'm just too sentimental, but I was hoping for him to wake up at the end, and it's all been a daydream he had been having after the bus passed his bus stop by. That would have added another layer to it. And they could have kept the exploding bus at the end.

I've watched some other stuff as well. Most importantly, this quite well-made animated music video of the song "A letter from God". What's this? John's watching Christian propaganda? No, not quite. It's just an interesting song about humans and God and society and culture and terrorism and other important stuff. The animation itself isn't top-class, but the song is. Let's hope it's on iTunes sometime in the near future. Oh , and I accidentally clicked on this Christmas-y animation on the Newgrounds homepage. For some reason, I really like it. I'm sentimental like that. I watched it twice now. Don't watch it if you puke at romantic/sentimental stuff easily.


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