Monday, 18 January 2010

Day 018 (18.01.10)

Well well, what have we here? Day 18, huh? Well, glad you turned up. Finally. I mean, jeez, you sure took your time. What's so special about Day 18, anyways? Nothing. Really - it's quite a dull day, to be honest. Just over halfway through my first month with this project, and I'm doing swell. Sure, I have had some close calls. Very close. But I've made it so far. What's to say I won't make it to the end of the month? Or beyond... two months? Three? Four? Twelve? It's certainly great to think that I could carry on with a project, every day, for a year. I'd love it if I could. It would be one of those personal successes, like a triumph over myself: my laziness, my utter failure at carrying out a large project.

Yes, I've had a bad history of finishing large projects. By which I mean I've never finished them. In fact, the last few years have been the worst for me. Christmas 2008, I started making a Brickfilm The Night Before Christmas. I never finished it. I had several scenes shot as well. I've never done a Brickfilm since - it's affected me so much.

I used to write a lot, too. Unfortunately I had stories of full novels I wanted to write, so I never got to the end of any of them. It's like my ideas for films: I seem only capable of thinking up ideas for feature-length films rather than short films. Dammit.


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