Sunday, 17 January 2010

Day 017 (17.01.10)

Once again, I've left this to the last moment. Not as much as last night, I admit, but still late. Late means I have less time. Less time means I can't write as much. It also means my quality goes [imitates plane flying down and crashing]. You get what I mean.

Why so late last night? Well, I was watching Ocean's Twelve, a  stylistic spy film from Steven Soderbergh. It was really good - if a bit confusing and hard to follow at times. I loved the style of it: they introduced Amsterdam by having a succession of shots of the city with a letter from Amsterdam on top. The sort of thing you'd see in an amateur movie, not a feature film. Good stuff.

Sorry, I didn't do any Face graphics today. I did say yesterday that I wouldn't be able to get it all done by the end of the weekend, so luckily I was right and now I have an excuse. Luckily - and quite surprisingly - however, my BL order came! Apparently there was a long backlog of packages so they had to deliver through Sunday as well. Dang, now I have the bricks I have to build. I'm not ready for this! Argh! I can't build in such large scale! I can't build Pirate stuff! I don't have enough light bley slopes! PANIC!



Anonymous said...

What did you order? Lots of piratey stuff I assume? I too am waiting on BL, but just minifig parts for castle. I think I have all the parts I need for my JRC Spanish Galleon.

Also, found this, thought you might be interested:

John said...

Ha ha, Karrde - that Sarcmark looks great. £1.99? I think I need to download it, pronto.

My BL order was mainly white and blue tiles plus lots and lots of brown. Brown travis bricks, brown tiles, brown 4L poles... you name it, I bought it. I can't wait to see your entries...