Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 016 (16.01.10)

Ouch. My toe just got zapped by my computer's cable adaptor box thing. Youch, youch, youch. And now I've just zapped my wrist on my computer itself. It's like all technology is out to get me. I'll be dead by next tuesday, you just wait. It'll be on the news: "teenager killed by fuse" or whatever. I'm a public enemy, I am. Everyone wants to kill me. In a way, I feel special. That makes me feel warm inside. People are paying attention to me. Sure, they may not like me, but they've noticed me, right? Then again, the warm feeling may be because I'm leaning against a radiator.

Nah, I'mma just kidding with ya. No one wants to kill me. Well, no one I know of, at least. I'm not listening to ANR now, as you may have thought. I've decided to go on an ANR-listening strike after I found that Facebook group. I want new songs, or they're not going to get the honour of my listening to their station. So there. NAW I AM ANGREE JOHN HEAR ME RAWR

Yes, I'm continuing with my ambiguous face project. I may have got a bit distracted from the 'emotional exploration' concept behind it - now it's become more of an exploration of how I use the face. I must admit I didn't do much today, graphics wise. So I made this static-like one (TV static - notice the fields?) and a stupid little scene, and another I call 'Alone'. You can probably guess what that consists of.


ps. Wow, only 10 minutes to go and then it will be tomorrow! Talk about cutting it fine...

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