Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 015 (15.01.10)

Whoops, I almost forgot about this post altogether. I was just looking at some awesome designs, I check my computer's clock and it's 21:00! Yeesh, time to get on with this project. I've done 14 posts already, I'm not giving up now. Right, to business. A few nights ago I found, through Design Milk's sister blog Art Milk, a bloke named Viktor Timofeev. I love his stuff. Really, L O V E it.

See - here's one of his pieces. This is probably one of his most distinctive, it's a style he's only recently adopted (only in his 2010 gallery). As you can see, he's a master at drawing in perspective (no isometric paper for him!), and he's got a crazy all-over-the-place style that is what "bit o' this, bit o' that" would look like in graphical form. He also does a lot of work with patterns: earlier, with letters, then simple checked patterns, now complicated tiled patterns. All, of course, done in perfect perspective. So much so that you can't find a single fault in his drawings. Sure, some of them aren't as good as others - his typographical work is a bit dull and monotonous at times. His newer stuff is much better. For some reason, he has done several pieces of rubbish skips stacked on top of each other, sometime on their sides to create rooms like open-fronted houses. You know what they say - inspiration comes from the weirdest of places.

Now for a bit of my graphic design - not inspired by Timofeev, though. I don't think I could ever replicate his level of craziness and perfect perspective drawing. I was messing around in Fireworks when I came across the basic smiley face character - part of many fonts. I thought "hey, this is a basic image. It's so basic it's even part of a font, next to letters and numbers". So can I turn a basic image on its head and change its emotional message just by image manipulation? It's a project I'm going to be trying over the weekend. I've decided to use the ambiguous neutral-emotion face instead, that way it will be easier to change the emotion I'm trying to get across. This 'slice' image is just me playing about. More serious stuff tomorrow.


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