Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 014 (14.01.10)

First off, apologies for yesterday's entry - I ran out of time to write it, so I had to quickly finish it off with some French and a crappy graphic to make it look better. I'll explain that all now: the graphic was indeed for an English proj├ęt (project), a little presentation I'm doing, persuading some old people to go to Bath on holiday. Of course, I couldn't use one of the templates, could I? No, not at all. So I've made my own slide template, just for No Worries™ Travel agents, with the logo and a catchy catchphrase ( 'finding you perfect holidays since last June'). Because a bit of humour never hurt anyone, and it helps to relax the audience (or old people, if the imaginary context is to be believed). Yuh-huh. I think about my presentations. I would've done my whole 'brainstorming what design to use and why and how it relates to the company and intended use' thing, but I simply didn't have time and didn't like the company itself that much.

So now, back to today. It rained. Well, it technically rained last night. After so much snow, it rained last night and mildly all through today, making all the snow either mush or ice, neither of which are good in the slightest. So it rained. It drizzled. Miserably. It was almost as if it was sighing, saying 'I can't be bothered to snow, but I should do something, so here's some miserizzle' (cross between miserable and drizzle). Sigh.

So, I've just discoeverd that Bionicle's replacements, not Bionicle Stars or Ben 10, are called Hero Factory. And - guess what - they've got proper names. They're called Natalie, Duncan, Preston, and Mark. No, I'm not joking. That is utterly hilarious.


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