Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day 012 (12.01.10)

Day twelve. A dozen. Day dozen? Twelfth day. Twelfth night. Dag tolv. La douzième jour. Tag whatever. I seem to have completely forgotten my one year of German lessons. I even had to look up day, and I couldn't bring myself to look up twelve. It will come to me eventually, but the knowledge isn't right there as it used to be. Damn my learning Danish, it's wiped all my German. Danish is actually very close to German, just as Denmark as close to Germany (or Tyskland, as it is in Dansk).

So what's new today? Hvad er nye i dag? Wait wait, that can't be the right word order. Maybe it's 'i dag, hvad er nye?'. In fact, it may not even be 'nye'. Jeez, I really have no idea. So, today. I went back to school. Yes, I know, sad. Very sad. I'm pretty sure my holiday is now officially over, unless it 'snows' tonight. By which I mean, the MET Office will forecast what they call snow, but what turns out to be light sleet. Yeuch - sleet. It's kinda like snow, and it gets you all excited because it starts off looking like snow, then it doesn't settle and it feels like rain when it falls on you. Basically, it tricks you, knowing your weakness and love for snow. I bet it sleets all the time in hell. I bet Satan likes it that way. Not the he necessarily exists or anything...

Oooh, final paragraph. I'd better get it said now rather than never, rite? Amirite? Yes, thasrite. Unfortunately, today was a very boring (well, maybe not boring, but eventless) day, and so that's why the previous paragraphs are just my usual 'improv-writing', so they mean absolutely nothing at all. This can also be accredited to the fact I nearly forgot about writing this (yes, again) - my internet was down until just recently, so I thought I would have to just say 'ah well' and forgo it for today. But the internet came back up, and so I wrote this. Heh, this paragraph was pretty meaningless too. I need to think about it this way: at least I've written my 3 paragraphs for today instead of nothing. Now I am content.


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