Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 011 (11.01.10)

Gee, I feel sad at the moment. Maybe it's because I'm going back to school tomorrow (after a five-day weekend), and I'm listening to Elton John's 'Your Song'. Though to be honest, 'Knights in White Satin' does it for me as well, sometimes. What's that - I'm listening to music that isn't from ANR? Yes, yes I am. I finally gave up with ANR after Allan Reichstein came on with his Aften show. I hate him. I hate him more than I hate Søren and his Den Bedste Til show. Skovmand and Bue FTW. Also, I found a Facebook group (wow, I was on Facebook?) saying 'we want NEW songs on the 'new' ANR!', so I joined it. It's hilarious, there's all the Danish members: Søren Sørensen, Jan Christansen, Line Madsen, then there's me, with my silly English name. Ha ha. I also joined the Denmark page. Yay?

Anyway, enough obsessions with Denmark (ooh, one final thing: the people in the slideshow banner on the ANR homepage are actually part of the ANR group on Facebook. I found most of them. I should add them as a friend and see what happens!). I've lost track of what day it is now, though my computer faithfully reminds me it's Monday. I hoped to do three things today: receive my BL order, go out and buy some 35mm film, and start building my Tetra Vaal diorama (coming soon...). I managed to do... er... none of them. The BL order didn't show up (bloody Swedes. No, it's not coming from Sweden. I just felt like saying that), I was too lazy to go out in the cold and buy film. The people in the camera shop would probably be so surprised they'd collapse. Buying film? Wossat then? We only sell SD cards, sir. Yeah well screw you. So what if I buy film? So what if I've never photographed in film before? I wanna try.

Oh yeah, and I didn't do my diorama. Mainly because I didn't get my BL order and I felt like I couldn't do it without that. Basically, I wimped out. But the problem is thus: I need to get this diorama done quickly so I can get on with my entries for the Jolly Rodger Contest (which ends in March, but I need to do 6 entries to be considered for the grand prize), but some parts would be better off with parts coming in my BL order. But - here's the hitch - once my BL order comes I'm pretty much ready to start building my Jolly Rodger Contest entries. I can't build both at the same time - I'd run out of pieces! Argh! Panic!



Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see some pirates from you, the next step's castle - you know it! ;-)

John said...

Well, maybe.