Sunday, 10 January 2010

Day 010 (10.01.10)

Day 10! We're in double figures now. We'll never be in single figures again. Er - yay? It's only another 90 days until we get into triple figures! Oh sweet joy! But anyway, enough obsessing. I'm meant to be enjoying this, remember? So let's take the usual route and work out what I did today. I went out for the first time in four days (I'm still ill, remember), which was a relief. I'm feeling much better because of it, and since I've got tomorrow off as well (my school is still closed - now they've found some grit they're laying it down) I'm going to go out and buy some film. More on that later.

Anyway, I always know I'm getting better when I'm designing something. I know I'm fully healthy when I'm building, but sadly I haven't been able to build yet (though I've got lots of ideas). So here's my fix of graphic design for the day: a card cover used on towels in a hotel. It's a fake hotel in Copenhagen (København) called 'Østegaard' (it's a proper Danish surname, I think). The idea is that the card wraps round and in the towel (one towel per sheet like the one above) and then links up at the ends. You can see exactly how it works in the diagram at the bottom. More on DA here.

Anyway, I should probably start to stop now. This is definately the latest I've posted here and I'm even going to cheat (slightly) by using this tiny paragraph as one of my three for today. Hah. I laugh in your faces.


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