Friday, 8 January 2010

Day 008 (08.01.10)

And week two begins. Dammit, I should stop counting the days - this is meant to be fun. Grr, I just can't stop myself sometimes. Anyway, I got the day off school today - as I mentioned yesterday, my school ran out of grit. Hopefully they will be unable to find more grit (as they have to apply to the council for it, or some dumb thing like that) and so I'll get monday off too. So let's hope that happens. It's odd to think that I was at school this week for a grand total of two days. I'm still in the holidays, really.

So what did I do today? Well, I had ordered Duplicity from LoveFilm and it arrived a few days ago, so I got a chance to watch that. It's a very good film - it's got a great style to it, and I like the several-frames sequences. Don't judge it on its opening sequence - it gets much better later on, especially in the final scenes. Paul Giamatti's in it. He just acts in his usual way. That reminds me, I must see Cold Souls sometime.

After that, I went on my computer for a while - only to find that my internet had crashed. So, what was I to do? I couldn't do my usual, and browse Flickr whilst listening to ANR. I was stuck without either, and I had to just rearrange my Pictures folder whilst listening to the crappy music I bought off iTunes when I was younger (I had an awful taste in music, and I'd just buy whatever song I heard and tiny part of and kind of liked. Now I've discovered Spotify, and try-before-you-buy). So, in a way, I got that done, and I also sorted out my Flash files (which have got very out of hand of late). Luckily the internet's back now, and what did I return to? Well, there were no new uploads from my contacts on Flickr, so I carried on browsing in circles like I usually do, and ANR were on their 'crappy old music' hour. Yeesh.


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