Thursday, 7 January 2010

Day 007 (07.01.10)

Well howdy, there - and welcome to day 7. That's right, folks, this 365 project has now been running for a whole week! I can't say I'm surprised it's lasted this long - I would be surprised if I was still going strong with this thing after a whole month. I'd be doubly surprised after two months - but that's the future, and there's nothing we can do about the future except try to make it come true. Hence, I'm here continuing with this project.

Ah yes, I firgot to tell you: I follow a blog called Filmonic, As the name suggests, they're a film blog, and they blog the latest film trailers, along with film news and reviews. Just a few days ago they announced they were looking for new staff, and invited readers to apply to become a blogger with them. So, since I was a bit more brave than I usually am that day, I applied. Unfortunately I won't know whether I've got in until next friday, and there are currently 30 applications, and by next friday who knows how many more there will be! Alas, I probably won't make it. I said in my email that I wouldn't be able to post news (Filmonic is the only film blog I follow, so I never get 'breaking news' before it's on Filmonic), so that's going to put me down on the list of applicants... nonetheless, I can hope for the best.

It snowed again last night - the same 'heavy' snow there was the night before, ie. very little. Mainly, it froze over and that now means that the snow we got before is now here to stay for at least another week. I was off school today, but only because I was ill - they were running school as usual, darn them. Luckily, school is closed both tomorrow and, apparently, monday too, because they've run out of grit for the snow and it's going to take a while to order some more because of... well, the snow! So that's +2 happy points for mea, at least.


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