Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day 006 (06.01.10)

Well, here we are, day 6. So, what happened today? Well, it snowed. Technically, it snowed last night, but I'm guessing it snowed into the early morning as well (I can't say for certain - I was asleep of course), so that counts as today. I woke up, expecting a day off school and lots of time for building or actually going out and snowballing someone (which didn't end very well last time it snowed, but I can hope for the best this time)... and what did I get? After another 'severe weather warning' from the MET Office, only 4 centimetres of snow graced our holy ground with its prescence. FIVE CENTIMETRES!

So, there I was, on a day with snow and several wimpy schools closed for the day (and probably tomorrow too), going to school. Other schoolkids were on the bus, all in their own clothes, with speckled-white backs from several well-aimed snowballs, and then there was me and my friends, in our school uniforms, looking decidedly downtrodden. How's that for fair, eh, Mr Brown? I'd say that's certainly not the best example of 'fair', wouldn't you?

Anyway, besides the snow, and me going to school, and other people not, and the second 'heavy snow prediction' for tonight from those dingbats at the MET Office, there's not much else to tell. My cold has got worse, and turned more into a flu-like stomach ache type of thing. I probably won't be going to school tomorrow, but luckily school will be closed anyway because of tonight's forecasted 'heavy snow' so I won't miss anything (gotta keep up with dem GCSEs, y'know). Yeuch, I feel bad... anyway, I've amazingly managed to fill up my three paragraphs for today. Until tomorrow, bienvenue, arrivaderci, and farvel!


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