Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 005 (05.01.10)

Day 5 - posted much later than normal, but it's better to post now than never. So what's new today? Well, I went back to school - and my previously mild cold flared up into a sniffling phlegm-storm. What a good coincidence.

About a week ago I was in Ikea, and I saw this fantastic poster in one of their showrooms. Oh wait, no - my mistake - I saw the original poster, called OLUNDA, by Anna Larsson. It was similar to this, but had the Swedish alphabet (ie. ÅÆØ changed to ÅÄÖ), it was in a harsher font and it had some letters 'rasied and bevelled for effect'. What a load of crap it was - IIRC, the letters A, O and W were raised. That doesn't mean anything - dumb-ass Anna from Stockholm has just closed her eyes and pointed to three letters. She could have chosen her initials at least. And so, with a shout of 'GTFO Anna Larsson!' I made my own version of the poster - no stupid raised letters this time. I've changed the alphabet to the Danish one, and I've used a better font instead. Well, it may not be better in your opinion, but I really like it. It's bold without being harsh, and the curved edges add a certain lightness to it (FYI it's called Alte Hass Grotesk and it's based off old Dutch scripts).

Now, I found the web monitoring site Alexa Internet. They apparently have the top 1,000,000 or so websites on the net. I searched for lego blog and got the usual stuff: TBB, that Polish one, a Czech one and http://legoisfun.blogspot.com/ . WTF. WTF! That is probably the worst Lego blog I have ever seen, and yet it receives comments on every single post. That, and it hasn't been updated since 2007. How is "legoisfun" on this list and Brickspace not? That, my friends, is the evil of the internet. Grrr.


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