Monday, 4 January 2010

Day 004 (04.01.10)

So here I am, day 4. I'm in my usual position: slouched in my chair, at my computer, browsing Flickr and listening to ANR. It's where I feel the most relaxed. Because I can't feel comfortable if I don't have the babble of Skovmand and Bue ranting on about something I can't understand in Danish. That is, I could understand their topic if I could understand half the Danish they're speaking. Oh, I love those guys. One of them (is it them? it might be another ANR presenter) has a really high, squeaky voice, so it sounds like a little Danish mouse saying "Og nu, vi har 'Beyoncé' med 'Yadayadayada'. Sig mijer på ANR dk". Yay for Denmark :D

So, I finally uploaded my pride and joy: the model of a Volvo Amazon I made a week or so ago. I am truly proud of it: it is by far the best MOC I've made. In fact, when I look back at some of my recent stuff, it seems like so little of it is good. Let's quickly backtrack through my building history: JOHN Collection II, good. Skøjne microspace ship, alright - bad background. I only have myself to blame for that. JOHN Collection I, not so good. Looking back at it now, lots of parts are not of good quality. Then again, that's the same with the second JOHN Collection. Maybe that's why I need praise for my MOCs on Flickr. Oh yes, I haven't told you about my obsession with praise on Flickr. That'll be a story for another day.

Oh yes. This. Now, on Flickr I've called it a 'meatball mech' but I think a much more accurate name would simply be 'the testicle that grew legs'. It is a complete mech FAIL, but then again it's the first mech I've completed. I have a head for a small mech I conceptualized a few months ago, but I just can't work out how to build the body. I'll have to scrap that. :(

Ah well, school starts tomorrow. I guess it was just a matter of time (it was). That will be the big decider: can I continue with this 365 project on schooldays? Can I work through homework for >3 hours one evening then blog here too? Well have to find out, soon.


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