Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day 003 (03.01.10)

Hey, day three. That came around quickly - I almost forgot to blog here! Yach!

Anyway, today I've got something new. That's right, it's a little microspace bomber, called Necrologica (quite a good name IMO - I'm usually awful at naming things, but this time I did well. Oh, and shut up about how unrelated to the actual spaceship it is)...

Yep, it's asymmetrical. VERY asymmetrical - I've strangely never made an asymmetrical spaceship before: I usually build things symmetrical, I like my design very neat and tidy. In fact, I find it literally difficult to build asymmetrical things. For some reason, with the Necrologica, I let myself go a little bit crazy and pack this thing full of guns, turrets, sensors and god-knows what else. Usually I have a mental block with complicated, asymmetrical things. In my own little way, I am proud of myself for making this. A pat on the head for you today, John. Pat pat.


ps. Did you see my puny excuse for a paragraph at the top? Har dee har har, that doesn't really count as one of my three paragraphs. But now I've blagged on in this fourth paragraph, so it all sort of makes sense. Right?

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