Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day 002 (02.01.10)

OK, day two. I made it. Here I am, blogging here, on day 2.

What's new? Well, the blog's design of course! Whaddya mean you didn't notice? You didn't notice the gigantic colour scheme change? Yes, gone is the white text-on-black background (that hurt my eyes when I was reading it at night on my computer (not that I read all my entries (not that I'm that obsessed (seriously, I'm not (well, maybe a bit))))), and we now have beautiful teal. Did you know teal was voted the colour of the year (?) by Pantone, just a few months ago? And I knew it was good before then, I did - I'm psychic, or I just have a very good design sense.

Speaking of things I thought were cool before they came into fashion, I've had an idea for a feature-length post-apoc film set in Denmark for a while now. It may sound strange, and it may well be a result of my obsession with all things Danish, but I think it's time films stopped being set in New York - it would be much more interesting to have them set in new places. And, guess what? District 9 was made - set in a completely new location. They stole my idea. And, further proof that I am the god of all things cool: just recently 20th Century Fox gave a filmmaker a grant to make a film, based off a YouTube video he made of gigantic robots attacking the capital city of Uruguay. That's a new location (a bit too similar to South Africa though) - so the people with power have stolen my idea again. I'll get them when I'm older - I'll sort 'em out  real good. With my shotguns.


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