Sunday, 18 October 2009

Phone Pics?

You can't be serious. Honestly, I took more crappy pics with my phone and I'm now gonna dump them on here? No wai.

Yes wai. Reel #6 is here, and some of it is actually good.

Bus stop, dark cloudy sky. Quite nice perspective IMO.

A nice blurry pikcha.

What's this? A tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife? A humid overgrown wasteland on the equator? No, it's the dump by an alleyway near my road, which the local council is either not aware of or (more likely) just ignores.

Oh, that's it. Ah well, at least some of it made it here. Also, a funny thought: why not rewrite the famous Lady Gaga song 'Just Dance' to 'Just Dansk'? Hee hee.


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