Tuesday, 29 September 2009

100 posts!

Well, 100 posts at the last post. This is 101 - so something like the Dalmation post.

Anyways, I guess I'd better show you some stuff so you don't run off. This is, in all honesty, just a post to say something about the 100 posts and also I realised I had barely posted in September :(

Sure, I get bored sometimes - so I create fictional Danish creative agencies and make websites for them. And yes, I know 'vilkom' is wrong - I gave my Danish book back to my library ._.,

I've launched two blogs in the past month: the first is Brickspace Opinions (above), which is not technically launched, but it's pretty much finished in design terms. Then there's my struggling 'science and other strange stuff about time' blog, Dimensionality. I'll be updating it every week, if all goes to plan.

Now then, let me just look for some other good pictures to show ye all. Oh wait... where's my harddrive folder!? What?! WHAT!??! Oh--

I accidentally my whole hard drive.

Sorry, I just found that picture (I traced over the original) and thought I might put it up here. Don't worry, my hard drive is perfectly fine.


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