Monday, 3 August 2009

Demented rabbits

So what's new today?

Well, yah, I've decided to continue with my series of daily rants about random crap. Hopefully Jimmy McGrew will pop up, along with other characters. I must say not much new stuff has happened today. I didn't go anywhere, so that eliminates the 'examining life outside my doors' aspect of these blog posts. Geez, this is gonna be hard.

I played The Force Unleashed, and pretty much hated it apart from the parts when you throw stuff into stuff, chuck people into stuff, fling stuff into people and generally have fun with the game's physics engine. Then you realise that you have to kill yet another damn Rancor in the most boring way humanely possible. Then you throw some more shit, kill some random glowing Felucians then come across TWO Rancors. You hold your head in your hands, take your head out of your hands and just force-electrocute the silly creatures.

Then you get to the cutscenes. Oh my, the cutscenes. They said on the game's website that they did that animation thing where you place dots on someone's mouth and they say the lines, then the dots can automatically make the game characters' mouths move. You even saw the 'actors' doing it in some studio in Lucasarts. Turns out, when you get to the cutscenes, the characters just look like demented rabbits, only moving their top lips. And the voice work is truly awful. Then the game glitched on me and showed the ending half way through the middle of the game.

Last night I watched the BBC's recent film-omentary 'Man on Wire'. What a fantastic film! A great soundtrack accompanying some great re-enactments of Philippe Petit's jaw-dropping tightrope-walk between the World Trade Centre towers. Petit himself was extremely articulate, if not a bit obnoxious. What would have been nice is Petit's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack on his beloved twin towers, which, as horrific as it was at the time, has now just become a way for me to tell whether a New York-based film was made before or after 2001. Sad, isn't it?

I made a new Flash element for Brickspace, but that speck of information is utterly useless. So nothing really happened, today, I mean. Of course stuff happened in the history of human development, and I'm sure millions of other people in this overcrowded world have had a fantastic day that they would never forget. Sadly, I'm not one of those people. I won't remember this day. Then again, with this blog post, maybe I am trapping a part of me today to be held here for ever, so that I can read this post again some time in the future, and be transported back to now, to today, to Monday 3rd August 2009. Or at least that's how it's meant to work. I've tried the whole text-time-capsule thang before and it hasn't worked. There's a theory about time always looping, how every moment in the whole of history, all existing at the same time, all existing now. It would make time travel a whole lot easier. I was only told that a theory of that existed a couple of months ago in an interview for the Rolls-Royce science prize, but I've had the idea of simultaneous-time for years now. Really, I have.

I really should do a 365-project. But I want to find a topic to do it on, not just anything. If I do it about anything, it will fall down some stairs into an infinite ocean of rubbishness. So what topic? I dunno. It won't all be that topic - I'll take part in Flickr pool bandwagons every now and again, but I want something with 300 possible parts to explore. I was going to do an Alphabet project on non-English letters like Eth and accented letters, but that just never happened. Also, there's the whole 'school' problem. I can't bring my camera into school, so will all the school-day photos just be me at home or on the way to or from school? My original idea was to wait for my gap year, and do it then.

Have you ever thought the devil could be a pig? Not the real devil, Dick Weatherington, but just a depiction of the devil. No, a depiction of death. A big long black cloak, with a hood, with a pig's snout pointing out. A dead pig's snout. Falling out. Not actually looking right at you but seeing everything in the room. Scythe? Maybe. On a tricycle? Nah, a bit clich├ęd. I've got to work on this...


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