Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rant rant rant...

OK, that last post has got me in the mood for a good long rant. So, basically, I'm fed up of people on Flickr decorating their names with grammatical symbols and accents without actually considering them. Sure, it's quite a weak argument, but I'm angry nonetheless. At least I'm not blabbing on about people using 'Legos' instead of 'Lego'.

First up, and foremost in my conciousness is the Latin letter O with a stroke - Øø. I don't know if it's coincidence, but Lego Flickrers seem to use it a lot, and it's an accent which pops up in Danish as well as other Scandinavian languages. For those who care, Ø makes a sound which can vary (in Danish) from an 'er' sound to the last sound in the French 'sœur'. In some cases, this works - 'Kilø' becomes something like 'killer' (a little scary, but a normal word nonetheless). In other cases the use of Ø falls flat on its face - take 'Jerrø' as an example. And no, I don't care if it was just profile name decoration, whenever I see it I see it not as decoration but as different sounds, dammit. So just know what you're putting into your name.

One guy with whom I have a certain annoying bone to pick is Mr. David 'Gðmolka'. On further investigation, it turns out David's surname is 'Gomolka'. I've never seen, however, someone mistake Eth (Ðð) as a progression on an O before. Eth, if you haven't already guessed, makes a 'th' sound, specifically that at the start of 'this' or 'the' rather than 'thatch'. So apparently he's 'Gthmolka'.

Some people like to decorate their names with MORE THAN ONE accent. Let's take poor old 'Zåçh Ç' for example. I know I really shouldn't pick on him, but I guess he just doesn't learn French at school. FOr those of you who don't know, Çç is a c with a cedilla, which makes a soft c - or s - sound. Zach has also included an a with a ring (Åå)in his name. This pops up here and there, and is found in all Scandinavian languages. It is like Ø, but more to the sound of 'or' or 'aaor'. I'll leave it up to you to work out the correct pronunciation. The capital of that letter - Å - is also the Ångström sign, which is some unit of measurement of atoms or 'summin.

Then there's those people who like to include weird accents in their names. These can look 'cooler' (dare I say 'awesomer') but then you run the risk of the accents not showing up on older computers which have an older version of Unicode. I won't say anything bad about 'Kǻrrde', because he's actually a nice guy, but his compound a with-ring-above-acute (Ǻǻ) has really got me guessing. An acute accent can either mean a sound which starts low and goes high (only slightly, though) or a sound which is the main stress of the word. I'm hoping it's the latter.

My final nit-pick is with people who over-decorate, who add extensive accents to their names, namely 'ӃilǝƵillλ'. Some of those symbols in his name I had to delve deep in my character palette to find. The first K I had to copy direct from his Flickr 'stream, so I've no idea what it means. I've looked through the whole K library - with right hooks, left hooks, commas below, dots below, and more, on pages of my character palette that I didn't even know existed. My best guess is that it's a phonetic symbol. Next up is the turned E (Ǝǝ). I'm pretty sure it's something phonetic, but it is also used in general notation-or-something. After some research, I've found out the Z with a stroke (Ƶƶ) was used in a Tatar language in the 20th century to show a sound close to that in the middle of 'fusion' (nowadays shown as Žž). And, to cap it all off, the final letter (meant to be an A) is either the Greek letter Lamda or a turned Y. So ya.

Oh, and I know you've probably noticed I have a symbol in my name too. So yes, I shouldn't really be insulting other like me but I do have some right - because I know what they mean. I have added Eng (Ŋŋ) into my name knowlingly and with acceptance of people calling me 'Jong'. Besides, this post wasn't really about me insulting people. It was about you lot of readers learning a little bit more about those weird letters you find in the 'Insert Symbol' palette in Word. And I bet you found some of it interesting.

I mean NO offence whatsoever to ANYONE, so don't get all lairy at me.


UPDATE: It turns out the Ӄӄ at the start of KileZilla's name is in fact a Cyrillic letter. The Cyrillic alphabet is an alphabet used in languages like Russian and Kazak (you will have seen Cyrillic scripture in the film Borat). Even still, it's the Cyrillic letter Ka with a Latin accent (a hook), so it's pretty rare.


Anonymous said...

Believe me, I would love to exclude the accent, but some bastard with only two photos has already taken it. So I went with the accent to provide the necessary, albeit negligible, variation. I am guilty of having no clue what the accent meant so thanks for informing me :-P

Luke said...

Interesting but you should probably get out more!